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If you are a new immigrant to Canada, you would not be provided with your provincial and territorial coverage right away. It would take a minimum of three months before you get your health card. So you should be prudent enough to protect yourself with medical coverage during that period. You can apply for this coverage even before you could land here. Look for a coverage that meets your needs.



Eye Exam

Out-of-Province Referral

Eye Glasses, Contacts , laser Surgery

Ground Ambulance

Health Practitioners

Air Ambulance

Hearing Aids

Casts & Crutches

Health Supplies & Equipment

Preferred Hospital Rooms

Diabetic Supplies & Equipment

Private Duty Nursing

Oxygen Supplies & Equipment

In-Hospital Prescription Drugs

Blood Pressure Monitors

Accidental injury to Natural teeth

Custom Foot Orthotics

Wheelchairs, Scooters & Adjustable Beds

Therapeutic Shoes

Artificial Limbs, Eyes & Larynx

Mobility Aids

Patient Walker

Ostomy Supplies & Equipment

Breast Prosthesis

Accidental Death

Policy Wording


Critical Illness

Statistics reveal that in every three Canadians one is prone to get cancer and in every four Canadians one is prone to get heart disease. Hence critical illness insurance is very important for everyone. Critical Illness Insurance provides cash benefit if you are diagnosed with one of critical illnesses as listed in the contract and survives the survival period. If you stay healthy and there is no claim until the policy expires, then you can get all your premiums back. 
A Critical Illness Insurance policy can be issued for individuals of age 18-65 and provides coverage amounts ranging from a minimum of $5,000 to maximum of $2,000,000. Premiums depend on your age, smoker/non-smoker status, sex, insurance amount and plan. In various plans premiums may increase with your age. The advantage of this policy is that the cash benefit is tax-free and you can use the amount in the way you want; not necessarily for medical expenses. Even after recovering from illness you are eligible to avail the total policy amount.

Some shocking facts:

1. Every 1 in 3 Canadian is prone to get cancer
2. Every 1 in 4 Canadian is getting heart diseases
3. More than 300,00 stroke survivors in Canada
4. Every year people are diagnosed with kidney failure and their lives depend on dialysis. This percentage of individuals is increasing every day.
5. Heart diseases and strokes cases are increasing every year

Source : Statistics Canada, Cancer Society

*Note: The above facts are meant to draw your attention to a sensitive topic that may otherwise never be addressed*
When your health is at its worst you can count on your Critical Illness plan to help with the recovery process.


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